• Why did we talk about disruption, formatting, and glitch last week? What’s any of this have to do with WAM?
  • What do the two articles we read, in addition our databending workshop, tell us about audio as a medium?

Glitches are able to give new meaning to an audio. The glitch is meant to draw attention to the pause or moment making it more meaningful then the audio would be with out the glitch. Therefore in some ways glitches should be appreciated and acknowledged due to having the power to change the meaning of different compositions. Some audios have glitches to make their listeners think, to change the message of the audio, and they’re naturally going to happen. In a way, they are spontaneous, but pack punch.

Audio as a medium is able to create works that people connect to in more ways then reading about a moment. To hear the sound of an old family video, a song, soothing songs, relaxing sounds, so much is able to be felt through audio then just the written word can do. People connect with sounds and when a sound has an imperfection, the absence of audio or disruption of audio gives tribute to how imperfectly perfect they are.


Blog Post 10

My meme did not go viral sadly and was not shared.  However I did receive some feedback on my post. To begin with, my post on snapchat was about my friends and I playing a card game with the text in the picture saying “#yan”. The responses I received were only on my snapchat. One can connect snapchat to Instagram which would lead to getting responses on both platforms, but because I only posted it to my Snapchat I received replies only on that platform. I did receive replies like “You play yan?!” or “You know what yan is?”. A lot of people had been surprised that we knew the game but not that a lot of people play the game. I think the post did not go viral because it is not relatable enough if you have never played the game before and it is not super funny. A lot of times posts that go viral are satirical or extremely relatable to everyone. For this reason I think If I shared a post of my friend falling or doing something funny while playing yan that might have made the post go viral, but it would have changed the main subject from yan to my friends. The card game would have just been something slightly notable, but not what every person viewing notices first. However, it would have made the post go more viral. When a snapchat story is very funny and relatable people take screenshots and repost the the original story to their story keeping it as is or adding another text.

Viral Post


unnamed-2My snapchat post was meant to refer to a card game that a lot of my friends were taught that brought us together. The post was meant to be comical but relatable. The post was a combination of a picture with my friends with cards in their hand and the text saying “#yan”. This combination was chosen versus a video or Instagram post because my friends and I will look back at the really funny stories or screen shot the funniest posts of our friends. As you can see, the platform is easy with posting and getting responses back. In my opinion, snapchat is the social media platform used to make the lighthearted posts versus posting on Instagram. Snapchat’s platform of only 10 seconds makes it easy to create something intended to be informal and not serious. Therefore, I posted a picture on that form of media hoping to get a response back. I assumed this would be commented about due to the card game being popular with players and I learned that a lot of my friends family’s had played this game or are avid card game players. Therefore, I assumed it would be relatable and submitted it for all of my 300 friends to see on the social media platform Snapchat as my story, which is essentially a photo sharing website. I feel like a combination of social media can make the post repetitive and cause users to just scroll past it because they’ve already seen  it. Posting the image and text to another platform is kind of like seeing the same ad, movie, or show multiple times you get bored of it, know you’ve already seen it, and a persons eyes will simply glaze over it versus when you’re seeing a form of media for the first time you’re attentive and retaining it all. Coincidentally, with in minutes I was getting replies back on the story post from my friends, guys and girls of all ages, stating “Yan?!” or “You know that game?”. I was surprised to get feedback so fast and such familiarity with the card game because there is so many and like I said my friends and I had to be taught the game.

In Class Map Questions

Some affordances map has as a genre is that it could limiting in the sense of how you want to create the map by hand or by computer. Programs are available to few people and only a few people know of how to create it. The map sort of became a game of well how do I accomplish what I want viewers to see in a meaningful way that looks aesthetically pleasing and not drawn like a fourth grader. Maps can be as creative as you want and as meaningful as you want versus other genres may not allow for such creativity or be as relatable. The relationship between the map and location is a crucial one because it helps viewers see the meaning that the creator of the map intended. In addition, it helps the viewers connect to the map itself. Creators can make it as practical or creative as they like. Something I would like to see is maybe have one project we keep improving like multiple drafts of a book so that we see our development and improvement. Not just a midterm portfolio and a final portfolio but a project that consistently changes.

Portfolio Feedback Freewrite

In my option, the midterm portfolio went well. Karina and I are very proud of the work we created. Our audio assignment is better than ever we really changed it up and think it sounds great!  The benefits of this assignment was that we were really able to self reflect on our growth and develop our writing even more doing over the assignments we have in class and at home. In addition, we were really able to expand on the information we had originally put down. Some of the drawbacks were that for one or two blog posts or in class assignments it was hard to expand even more on because we did great on that on specific work. However, we had to pick a certain amount of work so sometimes in that one work we were talking to add more to that work but it might not have been as meaningful as our other posts that we could expand more one. Portfolio work made me think of writing across media because I chose to edit works that ranged from audio, to graffiti, to my actual writing. If i had more time I would have went to the Sipyard to see how everyones graffiti has changed, or if it has been changed at all by other people

Blog post — audio affordances

Some affordances sound has is that it can be felt physically and emotionally. Beethoven would feel the floors for the vibrations that’s how he knew he created a great piece. He connected the vibrations and the notes he use to be able to hear. I imagine listening to anything when your blind or even minor hear loss is what that sounds like. Videos can only give you so much emotional reaction. For example, when you’re watching movie you don’t always cry, it doesn’t bring you back to a memory, or get emotional but sound can. I think audio and space are related very much with each other there is a certain emphasis created on the audio when the space has an emotional meaning or symbolizes something to someone or society. Recording or editing can create a new message with out writing physically. Editing can create a new message, but recording can make the message more meaningful versus just words. You can hear a person’s voice and connect with them more if you know them and if you don’t a connection is still created. Say for example when you’re hearing a voicemail from your family or hearing your favorite song. For future reference, I would suggest other software in addition to Audacity, but Audacity was helpful!